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By: P. Barrack, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., Ph.D.

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Its rate varies with cultivar menstrual migraine purchase estrace 2mg amex, temperature women's health clinic lincoln ne purchase estrace, and moisture content; and it is affected by several treatments womens health 5 minute breakfast generic estrace 2 mg line. It can be reduced by storage in low temperatures breast cancer awareness quotes estrace 1mg fast delivery, low moisture content, or in an inert gas. Black scald is characterized by blackening of the flesh and a sunken area with a definite line of demarcation at the tip or on the sides of the fruit. Sugar spotting is characterized by light-colored spots under the skin and is restricted to the invert sugar dates. Almost all dry cultivars, and several of the semidry cultivars, contain large amounts of sucrose and are less sensitive to sugar spotting. Sugar spotting decreases as the temperature decreases and when moisture falls below 22%. They can be removed by warming but can reappear if unfavorable conditions persist (Rygg 1975). Freezing of dates at a higher temperature range results in the rupture of various cellular compartments and the appearance of bright, yellow-brown spots of crystallized solutes (Shomer et al. Intercellular membranes Chilling Sensitivity Ripe dates at the rutab or tamr stages (see Horticultural Maturity Indices), commonly handled in the world market, are not sensitive to chilling and freezing temperatures. However, freezing temperatures can injure dates at early stages of kimri and khalal. Respiration rates increase as moisture content of 312 and cell walls can be kept intact even after 10 mo when fruits are frozen at a lower temperature range. Postharvest Pathology the most common pathological deterioration of dates includes fermentation by yeast and molding by fungi. Steam-hydrated dates are more resistant to attack by microorganisms than natural or nonhydrated dates because of the partial sterilization of steam-dehydrated fruit. However, most of these fungi, except Catenularia fuliginia Saito, will not grow on dried dates. The larva develops around the fruit with a white filament netting, which in turn causes the fruit to drop prematurely. The same is caused by Coccotrypes daclyliperda, which leads to fruit drop-off at the immature green stage. Date or carob moth Ectomyelois ceratoniae Zeller, another Lepidoptera widely present in different dateproducing areas, causes important postharvest losses on stored dates. Several other insects, such as Batrachedra amydraula Meyr, date stone beetle (Coccotrypes dactyliperda F. Other pests include Vespa orientalis, Cadra figulilella, Arenipes sabella, and mushroom mites (Tyrophagus lintaeri Osborn), which can infest stored dates. Date production and protection with special reference to North Africa and the Near East. Plant Production and Protection Paper 35, United Nations, Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, Italy. Effect of temperature and moisture content on the rate of deterioration in Deglet Noor dates. The role of ethylene in the regulation of fruit ripening in the Hillawi date palm (Phoenix dactylifera). Effects of sublethal doses of gamma radiation on the mating ability and spermatophore transfer of Ephesia cautella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). Effect of different temperatures and types of containers on the storage of commercial varieties of dates in Iraq. Hydrolytic enzymes in dates and their application in softening of tough dates and sugarwall dates. Morphological, structural and membrane changes in frozen tissues of Madjhoul date (Phoenix dactylifera L. Horticultural Maturity Indices A common index of maturity is skin color change to almost full red (Nerd et al. There is some confusion as to what species is being grown as they are all referred to as "pitahaya" in Spanish. The normally white-fleshed Hylocereus undatus is grown commercially, as are the red- or purplefleshed H. Pitaya amarilla is a different species from the other yellow pitaya, Selenicereus megalanthus (Mizrahi et al.

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As with a number of other spike-type flowers menopause refers to order 1mg estrace free shipping, narcissus will bend upwards away from gravity if laid down flat womens health las vegas 2mg estrace for sale. For this reason breast cancer kds purchase estrace 2mg otc, flowers should be kept vertical when they are not cooled to the proper storage temperature menstruation slang order 2 mg estrace fast delivery. Although there are no formal grade standards for these flowers, the most important quality attributes are maturity, uniformity of color, and freedom from damage or disease. Flowers are normally bunched in groups of 10 or 25, tied with twist-ties, and sleeved in paper or plastic. Unfortunately, these flowers have relatively Senescence of these flowers is accelerated by exposure to ethylene, although their natural senescence does not involve ethylene. The tall spikes of delphinium and the smaller spikes of larkspur are important accent flowers with colors ranging from white through pink, purple, and blue. Narcissus stored in this way have as long a vase life as fresh-cut flowers and nearly double the vase life of air-stored flowers. Flowers are best stored upright and dry in containers that permit rapid cooling of the flowers, such as fiberboard boxes. Quality Characteristics and Criteria Delphiniums and larkspur are normally harvested with one or two open flowers on the spike. At least one or two flowers per stem should be fully opened at the time of purchase with no sign of flower fall. Make sure stems are rinsed prior to recutting and arranging to remove dirt and debris. Grading and Bunching Packing Because of their sensitivity to gravity, daffodils are often packed in hampers; although they may be packed in horizontal fiberboard boxes if they are properly precooled and maintained at the correct storage temperature. Flower number per spike, stem length, stem straightness, and foliage quality are important quality attributes in these flowers. Ethylene Sensitivity Special Considerations Daffodils exude a gelatinous (slimy) substance that, when transferred through a common holding solution to other flowers like tulips and anemone, can result in premature death for the other species (van Doorn 1998). Therefore, place freshly cut or recut flowers into a separate holding bucket for a few hours. Later they can be placed with other flowers and used (even recut if required) in arrangements without affecting the life of the other flowers. Delphiniums are very sensitive to ethylene, which causes rapid loss of all of the flowers on the spike. For longer term storage, they should be wrapped in perforated polyethylene to reduce water loss. Grading and Bunching There are no formal grade standards for Chamaedorea, but uniformity, size, color, and absence of defects are important criteria of quality. Packing these flowers are often packed in hampers with or without water, but they may also be packed in standard horizontal boxes. They are somewhat sensitive to gravity, so horizontally packed flowers should be precooled and maintained at proper holding temperatures. Ethylene Sensitivity Exposure to ethylene has no deleterious effects on Chamaedorea fronds. Special Considerations Flowers called larkspur or delphinium often are named incorrectly. Storage Conditions Because Chamaedorea is a tropical foliage, it is sensitive to chilling damage if stored at low temperatures for extended periods. Chamaedorea is a smallleaved member of the palm family with leaves that perform well in the vase. Three other members of the palm family (coconut, date-palm, and oil-palm) make up the commercially important species for food consumption in North America. Packing Fronds are packed densely, usually without sleeves of paper, in standard horizontal fiberboard boxes. Quality Characteristics and Criteria Chamaedorea palms are harvested in the wild as well as being produced in plantations. Avoid fronds whose leaf tips show marginal necrosis or dead areas and fronds that are beginning to turn yellow.

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The model was Rachel Lee; he describes her more fully: "She has been sitting for fifteen years pregnancy on mirena buy 1 mg estrace fast delivery, so she is not young women's health tips 2013 1 mg estrace amex, but very graceful and fine and big and useful breast cancer her2 discount 2 mg estrace mastercard. The most notable projects were the Play Scene from Hamlet (1897 menstruation 9 dage generic estrace 1mg line, Yale University Art Gallery), which he began in October 1896, and A Pavane. While there, however, he worked principally on A Pavane (finishing it there for the New York collector Whitelaw Reid) and the Hamlet, which became his much-praised submission to the Royal Academy for 1897. On 27 May she added: "Ned cannot seem to settle down," although she noted, "I am in the studio, writing at the desk. I have had a most lovely white cloth bag and girdle trimmed with gold made for Silvia"; ibid. For the 1898 Royal Academy, he brought to completion yet another Shakespearean work, Lear and His Daughters (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York). This prompted his election as an academician, an unusually swift progress from associate to full academician status. Heathcote Statham, "The Academy, the New Gallery, and the Guildhall," Fortnightly Review 66, no. An Exhibitor, "The Royal Academy: the Picture of the Year," Outlook, 13 May 1899, 488. Sometime, apparently late in the development of the work, Abbey also altered the disposition of the hands and arms. Henry Blackburn described the picture, presumably after its successful submission to the Royal Academy: "Sylvia in rich costume with full crimson and white sleeves, clasping her hands across her breast, descends a stairway. A poet, book in hand, gazes at her forlornly"; Blackburn, the Academy Notes 1899 (London: Chatto and Windus, 1899), 17. The description of her clasped hands invokes two early oil studies for the work (Yale University Art Gallery, 1937. The male figure, lurking to the right and clinging to a marble column is capitally drawn, especially as to the hands, but the effeminacy of the face! Harding had earlier served as a model for the etching Mending the Tears (1886) and for the painting the Fisher Girl (1894, Mead Art Museum, Amherst College, Mass. She married late in 1894, which might be one point- probably not the most important for the meaning of the painting-that Homer makes through the obvious ring on her hand. Bright red makes her stockings among the most vivid parts of the painting; the details Homer elaborates on the shoes-their heels and their green-blue highlights-indicate his desire to make them a legible element of the work. In 1902 Homer annotated the illustration of A Light on the Sea in a copy of an article by Frederic Morton, writing: "This is the picture only better now as I have put the water a little lower in the left corner & show one foot of the girl- tho this photo looks blacker than the picture-W. Clarke, 16 January 1901, transcription in the archives of the Lloyd Goodrich and Edith Havens Goodrich/Whitney Museum of American Art Record of Works by Winslow Homer. Clarke, 29 September 1897, Winslow Homer Letter Collection, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D. An informal survey taken during the summer of 2009 on the question of time of day among recent writers on Homer-including Margaret C. Conrads, Thomas Andrew Denenberg, Abigail Booth Gerdts, Patricia Junker, and David Tatham-indicates a range of readings or, more commonly, puzzlement as to the time of day. Homer had made arrangements for the work to go to the Union League Club when he wrote to Thomas B. Others called the woman "rather clumsy" and felt that she needed "solid feet under so burly a form"; "The Winter Academy: Metropolitan Museum Buys a Brilliant Marine from Winslow Homer," New York Times, 22 December 1906, 2. The definitive study of Hassam on Appledore is David Park Curry, Childe Hassam: An Island Garden Revisited (Denver: Denver Art Museum, in association with W. A map for a proposed subdivision of Appledore in 1908 reveals the location of Broad Cove in relation to the hotel; see kittery. The same quotation appears in an expanded version of that review published a month later: F. Though Young Woman in Kimono is not dated, scholars consistently have dated the painting to about 1901 owing to its style and subject matter. Similar works, such as Woman with Pottery (Curtis Galleries, Minneapolis) and An Arrangement (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York), were painted about 1901. The name of the woman posing in Young Woman in Kimono is unknown, but she may have lived in Montparnasse, the section of Paris where Maurer was known to search for models; Epstein, "Maurer," 56. Further, Maurer was known to take photographs of his models for use in the studio; Elizabeth McCausland, A.

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Methyl bromide fumigation treatments for pistachio nuts to decrease residues and control navel orangeworm (Amyelois transitella) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) breast cancer 8mm in size buy cheap estrace line. Survival of navel orangeworm (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) during pistachio processing women's health center warner robins ga buy generic estrace 2mg on line. Quality and safety of pistachio nuts as influenced by postharvest handling procedures womens health group rocky hill ct purchase estrace 1mg on line. Quarantine Issues Insect infestation is a potentially important problem menopause period changes purchase estrace with paypal, as are the fungal infections that often accompany insect damage. Fumigation with methyl bromide or phosphine has been used for disinfestation, but the former is being curtailed and insect resistance to phosphine has been reported (Zettler et al. New fumigants are being developed and tests of efficacy, including effects on flavor, are being performed (E. Relationship between shell discoloration of pistachio nuts and incidence of fungal decay and insect infestation. Fatty acid oxidation of pistachio nuts stored under various atmospheric conditions and different temperatures. Phosphine resistance in insects infesting stored peanuts in the southeastern United States. The skin covering the kernel contains chemicals that protect fatty acids in the kernel from becoming rancid. Light-colored kernels earn a higher price because the light color indicates that the kernel still has a relatively long shelf-life. An important criterion for evaluating new varieties is yield of light-colored kernels (Hendricks et al. Retention of light color is influenced by the integrity of the seal between the two halves of the shell, because the shell is an important barrier to O2 entry. Shell strength and seal integrity are also important in protecting kernels from insect damage and fungi infections that often follow insect damage. Two-thirds of the California production is sold as shelled products (see Siebert 1998); therefore, additional characteristics of processing quality are ease of shelling and yield of intact kernel halves. Scientific Name and Introduction Persian (English) walnut (Juglans regia and a few related species) is a member of the family Juglandaceae and is by far the most important commercial walnut. The genus Juglans contains three other groups (butternut, east asian species, and black walnut species) that produce edible kernels. Persian walnuts evolved in central and eastern Asia and were introduced into California in the late 1700s. Nuts are mechanically shaken from trees during an extended harvest period from late August to early November. The edible kernel is surrounded by a husk that dehisces as the kernel nears maturity. The husk, which should be well split and relatively dry at harvest, is generally lost when the nuts fall to the ground. Nuts are quickly swept from the orchard floor to avoid damage to the fragile nut and are then dehydrated in forced-air dryers to 8% water content. Horticultural Maturity Indices Kernels are considered mature when oil accumulation is complete. However, harvest should not begin until the husk is well split and separated from the shell. In the hottest growing regions of California, kernels may be mature 3 weeks prior to husk "maturation" (dehiscence). Ethephon applications are used to advance the harvest and make nut maturation more uniform throughout the tree/ orchard (Olson et al. Quality Characteristics and Criteria the primary quality criterion is a high oil content (55 to 65% dry weight) and lack of off flavors caused by oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids.