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By: A. Gembak, M.B. B.CH. B.A.O., Ph.D.

Co-Director, Harvard Medical School

However medicine nelly cheap eldepryl 5mg amex, those who have experienced ketamine are often just as insistent that they have not been dreaming or hallucinating symptoms queasy stomach and headache purchase genuine eldepryl on line, but that the events really happened treatment wrist tendonitis effective 5mg eldepryl. It has been suggested that both may involve a "retuning" of the brain to allow the experience of a different reality from the everyday world symptoms 3dpo buy eldepryl from india. This may also explain some resurrection and reincarnation ideas: the apparent "death which is birth" being followed by a new life. In 1910, Freud was amongst the first to appreciate that the birth trauma was a core imprint deep in the psyche: Birth is in fact the first of all dangers to life as well as the prototype of all the later ones we fear; and this experience has probably left its mark behind it on that expression of emotion we call anxiety. He was also very determined to discard all theories that did not support a sexual cause for neurosis. It was left to others such as Nandor Fodor and Otto Rank to explore the birth trauma further. Winnicott, a widely respected psycho- analyst, provided clinical evidence that the observing ego could be regressed back as far as pre-natal life. This term includes all the non-specific sensory changes on the way in, including colored patterns and hearing ringing, buzzing or chirping sounds. Memories are not grouped in a historical sequence, but rather by a common emotional charge or theme. These themes include violence, threats to physical survival, emotional rejection, humiliation, love, happiness, euphoria and other themes. Memories may be grouped according to key shared elements, including physical traumas that can leave a large trace in the psyche. For example, being born with the umbilical cord around the neck may be joined with memories of asthma attacks. These memory constellations are fluid and ever-changing rather than fixed, and extend through every level. We can imagine a pattern laid out on the floor of a room, with memories piled on each other like stacked cards at different points on this primal pattern. The next level on the way in is that of birth and the events around 109 108 Ketamine: Dreams and Realities Ketamine, Near-Death, and Near-Birth Experiences the time of birth, many of which are physically and mentally traumatic. Regressing to this level may involve visions of hell, purgatory, heaven, and related realms. The Amniotic Universe: There is a lack of boundaries that the re-experiencing adult may interpret as ocean, galaxy, heaven, or a paradise of nature, which may include a fountain or stream (the "Water of Life") or a tree (the "Tree of Life"). This can develop into an experience of cosmic unity, with feelings of "oceanic ecstasy" and transcendence of time and space. This forms the core of a memory constellation for similar experiences later in life. Intra-uterine disturbances may involve toxins arriving via the placenta or a lack of nourishment. There may be images in the "re-experiencing" adult of poison, pollution, danger, demons, and evil forces. Cosmic Engulfment and No Exit: this is the first stage of delivery where paradise is disrupted by chemicals and contractions of the uterus, but the cervix is closed so there is no way out. The person may, for example, believe that they are a sinner in hell, an inmate in an insane asylum, or an archetypal figure such as Prometheus or Sisyphus. They are "cut off" by the contractions of the placenta from outside contact and warmth. Depersonalization (a sense of being unreal) and derealization (a sense that the environment is unreal), where life may be seen as a fake sideshow of cardboard cut-out characters, may be related to this early event. The Death-Rebirth Struggle: the contractions continue but the cervix is dilated, and the baby moves through the birth canal, fighting against compression. This can be re-experienced as a titanic struggle, with energy building up towards explosive release. There may be images of tidal waves, eruptions, explosions and other cataclysmic events. The struggle can also have sexual, sadomasochistic, aggressive, demonic, and fire components (amongst others) when it is reexperienced. There can be an ecstatic element to the experience called "volcanic ecstasy," in contrast to "oceanic ecstasy. The Death-Rebirth Experience: Propulsion through the birth canal, with its build-up of extreme tension, is followed by release and the child is born from the darkness into light, takes a breath, and the umbilical cord is cut. Just before birth a feeling of impending catastrophe may lead to a desperate struggle to stop the process.

B Eggs release larvae into the portal blood and thereafter into the liver and then the lungs medicine vs surgery order eldepryl without a prescription. The developing larvae are swallowed in sputum and complete their maturation in the intestine treatment questionnaire order discount eldepryl. E A long-standing small intestinal perforation may require exteriorisation in the presence of a heavy worm load 5 medications related to the lymphatic system eldepryl 5 mg sale. A Chest pain with productive cough medicine woman strain buy cheap eldepryl 5mg line, friction rub and a chest x-ray showing pleural effusion. B Retrosternal burning, discomfort on ingestion of food, fever and mediastinal widening on chest x-ray. C Epigastric pain radiating to the right, a tender palpable liver and an elevated right dome of the diaphragm. Which of the following are recognised treatments in uncomplicated roundworm intestinal obstruction A patient presents with sudden severe upper abdominal pain with chills and rigors. E Following an anthelmintic, the condition may be treated by endoscopic removal of the roundworm followed by cholecystectomy. A the human acts as the intermediate host, by the ingestion of infected fish and snails, which are the definitive host. B the parasite matures into an adult worm in the intrahepatic biliary channel, causing epithelial hyperplasia and periductal fibrosis. C the eggs or dead worms may form the nidus for stone formation in the biliary system. D Changes around the intrahepatic biliary channels often cause dysplasia, which may lead to cholangiocarcinoma. E Ultrasound scan characteristically shows uniform dilatation of small peripheral intrahepatic ducts with only minimal dilatation of the common duct system. B Once inoculated by a mosquito bite, the matured eggs enter the circulation to hatch and grow into adult worms. This is often compounded by streptococcal secondary infection, leading to additional fibrosis of the lymphatic channels and further leading to elephantiasis. D Chyluria and chylous ascites seen in cancers blocking lymphatics are never seen in filariasis. E A mild form of the disease, which affects the respiratory tract and presents with dry cough is called tropical pulmonary eosinophilia. C Medical treatment with diethylcarbamazepine is effective even when huge elephantiasis occurs. E Elephantiasis can be treated easily with operations to reduce the size of the limb. B Cholecystectomy, exploration of the common bile duct and choledochoduodenostomy. Which of the following are true with regard to hydatid disease caused by Echinococcus granulosus A By eating infected meat and therefore B By the faeco-oral route through affects only non-vegetarians. C It contains an inner endocyst, which has a germinal membrane containing viable parasites. In the evening the mother noticed a diffuse skin rash and started her on a course of antihistamines to which she responded and the pain reduced in intensity. A week later she underwent an ultrasound scan, which showed a cystic lesion with a split wall. A young woman presented with pain in her upper abdomen with chills and rigors followed by high-coloured urine. A the likely diagnosis is cholecystitis and choledocholithiasis with an incidental liver cyst. This is the lamellar membrane of the hydatid cyst that separated after trivial injury. The patient was a 14-year-old girl who developed a rash and pain in the upper abdomen after dancing.

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An interesting modern example of liquid activation is derived from the Mangang ceremony in Malaysia treatment hypercalcemia cheap eldepryl 5mg line, in which they pour Tapai treatment 5th metacarpal fracture buy cheap eldepryl, an alcoholic beverage medicine 101 purchase eldepryl 5 mg otc, onto standing menhirs medicine over the counter quality eldepryl 5mg, to appease and refresh the spirits within (Phelan 1994). For some of the aborigines in the Kimberley region of Australia, the Wandjina belief system allows people to accept that some rocks represent clouds, whose power is renewed via the applications of liquids (mostly paint) (Vinnicombe and Mowaljarlai 1995, 234). Coles (2004, 204) comments that some Bronze Age images at Bro Utmark, Sweden were placed in locations that are often wet in order to make their viewing more dramatic. The notion of bathing images and keeping them alive through dynamic flows will be further discussed below. Such actions or properties may have created a sense of history for the motifs and stones (Ingold 2007). The physical aspects of applying the paints, of touching the stones and motifs may 9 Some Stimulating Solutions 171 have created tactile understandings, which vision alone cannot provide (Benjamin 1940, 233). In these examples not everyone has to invert or participate, they can watch if they like (sometimes at some personal risk),10 while the marginal is briefly brought to the centre where it can mingle and then give way to other ways of being. Possible associations between water, the carnivalesque and some passage tombs are interesting as they allow one to imagine the settings as fluid and active, rather than as static and passive (see also Cochrane 2005). I acknowledge that there are many ways of engaging with motifs or structures that do not involve the primacy of vision, such as their acoustic qualities, but restrictions of space dictate that here I focus mainly on what can be seen (see discussions in Ouzman 2001; Watson 2001); Boivin 2004; Jones 2004; Curtis et al. This source of light may have simulated the movement or animation of the motifs (see also Sanches 2006, 135). In carnival, all that is marginalised and excluded, such as the mad, the scandalous and the uncertain, takes centre stage and liberates in an explosion of otherness. Cochrane the sensory qualities of particular substances seem to have played a role in determining what materials were employed in the construction of the Boyne Valley passage tombs. For example, the colour of stone seems to have been important in choosing what went where. The material aspects of the assemblages incorporated in to the passage tombs seem just as important before and after manipulation (see discussions in Ingold 2007). As such, the coloured stones may have performed as agents of external manipulation, forming and moulding social ideals, through a complex web of relations, especially if emphasised though liquids. This enhancement or activation through water or indeed any liquid, perhaps milk or blood, literally adds dimension to the image and makes it stand out. The application, precipitation and evaporation of these liquids may have created a sense of temporality, (re)generation, reconfiguration and transformation (see Ingold 2007; see. The contrast in colour and brightness between the wet and dry states of the stone might reflect connotations 174 A. Interestingly, K1 has a vertical channel dividing the upper half of the decorated surface in the centre. A similar channel is present on K52 that is diametrically opposite on the rear of the mound (see. This feature also occurs on the entrance stones for the eastern (K74) and western (K11) passages at Knowth 1 (Eogan 1986). McMann (1994) argued that the vertical strokes implied that the builders believed an axial alignment extended through the structure and into the landscape, whereas Eogan (1996) has taken these vertical channels to indicate the presence of an entrance (see also Lewis Williams and Pearce 2005). This latter statement is clearly true in three examples, but is not, however, universal. I suggest the channels served a more active role, allowing liquids to flow and permeate down and through these particular and possibly significant stones. I believe that our multiple experiences of a reality are influenced by visual images and that these constructs literally create visual or virtual realities. I am not suggesting that peoples in the past only experienced or used the monuments in the rain or with water, but rather that we should consider that some passage tomb settings, such as the Boyne Valley passage tombs, are framed by water and that the tombs are orientated in a context so that they repel water.

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The planet as a whole is warming 3 medications that affect urinary elimination eldepryl 5mg line, but the term climate change acknowledges that the short-term variations in this process can include both higher and lower temperatures symptoms 13dpo purchase eldepryl 5mg on-line, despite the overarching trend toward warmth illness and treatment cheap 5mg eldepryl amex. Climate change is a deeply controversial subject medicine 6 year in us purchase eldepryl 5 mg line, despite decades of scientific research and a high degree of scientific consensus that supports its existence. There are increasingly more record-breaking weather phenomena, from the number of Category 4 hurricanes to the amount of snowfall in a given winter. These extremes, while they make for dramatic television coverage, can cause immeasurable damage to crops, property, and even lives. So do nearly 200 countries that signed the Kyoto Protocol, a document intended to engage countries in voluntary actions to limit the activity that leads to climate change. For one thing, for companies making billions of dollars in the production of goods and services, the idea of costly regulations that would require expensive operational upgrades has been a source of great anxiety. They argue via lobbyists that such regulations would be disastrous for the economy. There is also a lot of finger-pointing among countries, especially when the issue arises of who will be permitted to pollute. World systems analysis suggests that while, historically, core nations (like the United States and Western Europe) were the greatest source of greenhouse gases, they have now evolved into postindustrial societies. Industrialized semi-peripheral and peripheral nations are releasing increasing quantities of carbon emissions. The core nations, now post-industrial and less dependent on greenhouse-gas-causing industries, wish to enact strict protocols regarding the causes of global warming, but the semi-peripheral and peripheral nations rightly point out that they only want the same economic chance to evolve their economies. Since they were unduly affected by the progress of core nations, if the core nations now insist on "green" policies, they should pay offsets or subsidies of some kind. It may well not be "fair" that the core nations benefited from ignorance during their industrial boom. The international community continues to work toward a way to manage climate change. During the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagean, the United States agreed to fund global climate change programs. Programming is organized around three pillars: (1) climate change adaptation, (2) clean energy, and (3) sustainable landscapes (Troilo 2012). Pollution Pollution describes what happens when contaminants are introduced into an environment (water, air, land) at levels that are damaging. Environments can often sustain a limited amount of contaminants without marked change, and water, air, and soil can "heal" themselves to a certain degree. However, once contaminant levels reach a certain point, the results can be catastrophic. Access to safe water is one of the most basic human needs, and it is woefully out of reach for millions of people on the planet. Many of the major diseases that peripheral countries battle, such as diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid, are caused by contaminated water. Often, young children are unable to go to school because they must instead walk several hours a day just to collect potable water for their family. Despite that figure, there is a finite amount of water usable by humans and it is constantly used and reused in a sustainable water cycle. The way we use this abundant natural resource, however, renders much of it unsuitable for consumption and unable to sustain life. For instance, it takes two and a half liters of water to produce a single liter of Coca-Cola. The company and its bottlers use close to 300 billion liters of water a year, often in locales that are short of useable water (Blanchard 2007). As a consequence of population concentrations, water close to human settlements is frequently polluted with untreated or partially treated human waste (sewage), chemicals, radioactivity, and levels of heat sufficient to create large "dead zones" incapable of supporting aquatic life. The methods of food production used by many core nations rely on liberal doses of nitrogen and pesticides, which end up back in the water supply. In some cases, water pollution affects the quality of the aquatic life consumed by water and land animals. As we move along the food chain, the pollutants travel from prey to 462 Chapter 20 Population, Urbanization, and the Environment predator.

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A sheep 4 medications list at walmart cost of eldepryl, to begin there medications hypertension purchase eldepryl with a visa, is not a figure given with the space-time co-ordinates that we tend to use for geographical and historical localising medications for rheumatoid arthritis cheap eldepryl online master card. We need to say that the sheep we are talking about was found in Cumbria in March 2001 medicine xyzal eldepryl 5mg amex. But this is just a beginning, for then there are practices, a whole variety of them, to be examined. But this is not to say that exploring a few practices in a few pages gives us an exhaustive answer to the question `what is sheep We might say a lot more about veterinary, epidemiological, economic and farming practices and we might also go on to investigate practices to do with tourism, animal rights, slaughter and the disposal of the carcasses. Imagine it as a fractal: if you magnify a fragment you discover an image that is as complex as the first one. Indeed, an actor-enacted acts in collaboration with others to such an extent that it is not always clear who is doing what. What each actor does also depends on its co-actors, on whether they allow it to act and on what they allow it to do, on rules and regulations. How might one begin to know beforehand how it adds up, how the various tugs and pulls intersect and interfere with one another And that complexity only increases if we also attend explicitly to the normativity of all the activities in which it is involved. We have not said a lot about this but it is obvious that stories about foot and mouth disease are far from neutral. But suddenly, when those activities are no longer needed, they look different: Since the start of lambing in early January I had been waiting for the day when the kitchen windowsill would be free from bottles, teats, jugs and a box of milk powder to feed orphan lambs. In every specific context and at every moment, there are ways of handling things that are better and ways that are worse. But George and his team obviously feel a sense of responsibility to both farmer and livestock and have been managing to keep the stress on the animals to a minimum. They are unintended because they were not predicted or because where the action was being taken no one had thought the consequences through:79 74 75 76 77 78 79 Mercer (2002, 77). Mol structural changes in the sheep industry which over a period of years have resulted in an increase in the size of the national flock, a reduction in the farm labour force resulting in greater reliance on shared or contracted labour and the fact that >50% of livestock holdings have sheep on them at some time of the year. But epidemiologically it is bad: that increase in size, together with the trading that goes with it, increases the likelihood of an epizootic. However, to say that they make new things tells us nothing about the desirability of those new things. We might say that an actor is a moment of indeterminacy that generates events and situations. It does this together with other actors that enact it and that it, in its turn, enacts. Or, then again, we might say that an actor is the site where we situate what surprised us post hoc when we tell stories about events and situations. But if we define the actor in this way, then this suggests that determining whether this or that is or is not an actor is of secondary importance. Or, to speak as a walker in the Lake District hills: where does this path come from and where might it lead In Shaping Technology, Building Society: Studies in Sociotechnical Change, edited by E. Foot and Mouth Disease 2001, Lessons to be Learned Inquiry, 2002, Report, London: London, the Stationery Office, 213. A Collection of Personal Accounts of the Foot and Mouth Outbreak in Cumbria 2001, edited by C.

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